Where to eat in Sthlm

Miss Voon, a modern restaurant that combines Asian and European cuisine.The dishes are served in half-portions. The dishes are priced 9,5 a-25 € each, and it is recommended to order 3-4 dishes for a dinner. The drink list is Asia inspired. Located at Sturegatan 22. K25, is a food market that offers different cuisines, recommend…

Sthlm guide 

By following the route map, you’ll start at Hallwyska Museum. 1. It has free entrance and is one of Stockholm’s most eccentric and engaging museums. This palatial residence was built and completed in 1898. 2. Dramaten is The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Sweden’s National Theatre. The theatre has an assignment from the government to perform classical…

Stockholm Weekend Route Plan

If you’re staying a couple of days in the capital city of sweden you should follow this map. What you will see during this route is definitely worth seeing.  Route Plan in Google maps.

Stockholm Sightseeing

Photography Jurij Fokinnson Stockholm route plan and guide on what you can do during a weekend in Stockholm coming up.