I believe we are all wonderfully & beautifully made. Stay motivated to live a healthy life & inspire others to do the same! I believe the healthiness will take out the best in you and make you feel peace, gratitude and beauty.

Since I’ve become a part of this great yoga community in my town, the yogis, the meditation and the yoga practice has rescued me from my physical problems like back pain and also improved my confidence, self esteem and my determination in introducing healthy habits into my life.

By incorporating natural foods in the diet, you’ll get decreased cholesterol, eliminated joint pain, improved mental clarity, better focus, more energy and overall better digestion. One of my PT’s said once that achieving your health goals can be as easy or hard as you choose to make it. It’s all about the will and being determined. Once the information has been given to you, it is your responsibility to implement what you have learned and take charge of your own health.

I feel lucky that I have gained access into this incredibly fulfilling world of health. I have benefited from the experience in many ways and I’m grateful for the knowledge I have acquired along the way and it is something worth sharing.


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