Nourishing Make Up

The skin is subject to damaging particles all the time, dirty fingers, cold wind and rain or fumes. And then you add the usual make up with some parabens, perfume, alcohols, silicons, mineral oil and talc which also pollutes, dries out and keeps the skin from breathing. Below are some examples that are not only free of harmless ingredients but also nourishing.

Dr Des Fernandez, one of the founders of the skin roller method, has shown revolutionized results of skin improvement and proved in several experiments that ACE vitamin therapy is enough to keep the skin in perfect shape and slow down ageing. (source1) The goal is therefore to use products which contain all the A- C- and E-vitamins or at least one of them:


1. Nvey Eco Delicat Cream, contains E Vitamin. It’s supposed to give the skin a boost. I don’t know about that but my skin gets perfectly moisturized and it works great as a primer.

2. FX Cover, Cover Drops, which is basically only a pigment, as soon as you put in on your skin the water evaporates and left is the pigment. That’s why you need to blend some drops of this with another cream or a lighter foundation. Lumene Invisible has a very light formula (it covers nothing by itself) and suits perfectly with the cover drops. And you can decide how much coverage you want. Lighter for work and thicker for party. The best thing with Cover FX is that they have lots of shades and you can even blend two or three and get your skin color.

3. Nvey Eco Volumising Mascara, enriched with jojoba. This is NOT a volume mascara. But it’s perfect for every-day-wear, perfect for sensitive eyes, it’s definitely lengthening and gives no lumps or crumbs!

4. Brow Pen, Isadora, with Vitamin E. No weird ingredients and comes in several shades of brown.

5. Nvey Eco Nourishing Bronzer, contains all ACE vitamins and sits perfectly on.

6. Nvey Eco Red Lipstick, 376 Crimson Kiss, Vitamin E, is perfect for using not only on the lips but also on the cheeks.


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