Everyone has cancer cells

We all have cancer cells

Usually a post like this does not interest the ones who consider themselves healthy. But just because you are not over weight or have diabetes or other disease doesn’t mean your body is forever protected from developing cancer cells. In fact there are multiple studies that show that we all have cancer cells in our bodies, source 8. The cause is the environment around us, food with questionable ingredients and poor in nutrients, stressful conditions and lack of exercise. This means that we all have the risk to develop harmful amount of cancer cells. It doesn’t matter if your ancestors never had it. Today you can find too much evidence that proves that 95% of all cancer patients get their cancer because of their lifestyle, see 9, 10.

Welfare diseases and the medical industry

The world and especially US has a decreased population with obesity, diabetes and other welfare diseases and cancer has decreased in relation to these diseases, 7. Today the cancer industry is all about finding a cure. It is as we know not profitable to develop or talk about how to prevent cancer. It is from the industry’s perspective better to focus on how to kill the cancer rather that focusing on how to give the body the right tools to prevent cancer to develop at all.

As soon as you got it, you’ll spend lots of money buying medication and going through the treatments required and that’s when the medical industry thrives. This is important to understand when you look at the studies that are made on this topic. Who prospers from the medical studies that show that a specific pill will heal you? You don’t need to be that bright to understand that the organizations that test and approve the safety of pills are governed by the same companies that sell those pills.

Lucky for us, there are lots of people out there fighting cancer and they have shown that cancer can be fought much more effective than through pills. And these methods are a clear sign on how we also can prevent cancer from harmful development.  It’s basically about keeping ourselves healthy enough to be resilient against all types of abnormalities that can occur in the body.

How to avoid and fight cancer

Tests have been made involving humans, animals and mostly mice. The mice were injected with cancer cells to develop cancer tumors. Human cancer tumors on mice were shrunk in size by 90 % through the anti-cancer diet, see study in 2016 by Dr Beliveau, University of Montreal, see from minute 44.00 in the movie The C word and more about Dr Beliveau 21). More about the anti- cancer diet in the next post.

  • Eat organic foods (foods with no pesticides or GMO since studies show that they cause cancer, see Dr Seralinis Study).
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits that contain high amount of antioxidants, 14.
  • Don’t eat processed foods, fast food, sugary drinks, energy-dense foods (there are no processed food that is not carcinogenic, 15.
  • Eliminate stress elements, 25.
  • Avoid exposure to heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium and nickel, see source 26.
  • Exercise more. One of many studies with the same results show that there is less risk getting cancer if you’re being active, 13, 23.

If you’re still not motivated to make a change, watch the movie The C Word and OMG GMO and read Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime written by Peter Gotzsche (the disclosures are breath taking, it’s like reading a thriller!). It’ll definitely change your perspective on cancer.



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