Cape Coral Florida

First day at the house. The sun goes up around 11am and it gets hot pretty fast. Went to one of their biggest food stores (Publix) to bunker for the week. I have to say I’m surprised when it comes to the foods you can schoose from. Their vegetable section is so small! They have very little organic foods and lots of fat free products (that should not be fatfree, like yoghurt, milk and butter!!?). I thought they knew by now that the problem is not the fat, but the sugar. Well I have a long and deep detox period ahead of me when we come back.

I got also surprised over all the fitness centers in the town. I guess they are some people that do care a lot about health and then there is some that really dont care at all.

Anyway, the temperature is around 28 celsius, dolphins are swimming in the canal and all the houses in the area are ridiculously decorated and I love it! Now to the beach for some yoga!


Drove by this house yesterday, so lovely!


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