Dress Guide Banana

Problem: small breasts, small, rear and no marked waist. Highlight: your slender body. The goal: create a thinner waist and soft female form.

The top is tight around the waist. Dramatic angles (asymmetric cut), wide collars are good, balances out your broad shoulders. If the sleeves are long then they should only go to the wrists, if the sleeves are too short you’ll look like a gorilla.

The jacket has details at the waist, buttons or belt, which gives the waist shape. Or wide pockets on the hips so your waist gets highlighted.

The dress is form-fitted or has details like ribbons/wrinkles at the waist.

The skirt is flared or expanded so it gives shape.
The pants are tight all the way down, preferably high or middle waist.
The shoe has a slim well-shaped heel.

Stand up straight! You have a graceful figure and should be proud of it.

Clear waistline. If you want to wear something without sleeves it has to be a peplum model or you need details or a belt set on the waist.
for banana.jpg
An elegant well shaped heel creates balance. The other forms are to overwhelming for your figure.


2/3 sleeves (makes your arms look longer than they already are). NO sleeves at all makes you look flat again. Deep neckline shows how small breasts you have. Formless, fluttering dresses gives no form. Dresses and tops with no sleeves, makes you look even straighter. Shoulder pads goes without saying, it’s just too overwhelming for your shoulders! Plateau shoes are too rough for your slim figure. Don’t wear to high heels (over 12cm) or with a thick heel (you’ll look slutty and clumsy). No wedge heels either.
Actresses with this body shape: Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham (the dresses from her designer collections are btw very suitable for straight formed women).


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