Chemical free home


Nearly produced and/or organic food is key, to avoid chemicals/pesticides. Try to make your food from ground, don’t fall for semi-finished food, and avoid E-numbers, colorants, sweeteners since some organic products contain that too.

Home Cleaning

I will not bore you with the facts about the chemicals in cleaning products and it’s impact on us and our children. You can check out some of the research results here.

The point is that it is of extreme importance to be aware of what you use and when. So you can make a conscious decision. What do you put in the dishwasher? What kind of detergent do you use for your clothes? What do you wash your floor with? What hand soap, shower gel, shampoo do you use on yourself? For example have you ever thought about that maybe your headaches are caused by a specific chemical in your shampoo? (Source)

This can be a bit overwhelming. All products may contain small amounts of carcinogenic (cancer) particles for example. When you get exposed to all of them, you logically get exposed to a bigger amount of chemicals.  There are specific regulations for what ONE product should contain. It’s obviously not realistic to take the fact that big part of all homes use more than 20 chemical products in account for these regulations.

Why is this important? To avoid diseases, stay young longer, live better. The list can go on. Therefore a slow transition to a chemical-free home is worth the trouble.


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  1. haxelrod13 says:

    Truth!!! We are slowly switching everything to chemical free since I started with Young Living and we’ve seen suuuccchhhh a difference! My face isn’t swollen everyday when I wake up and my little fur baby isn’t as itchy. My moods are more stabilized, too. Thanks for spreading the word!

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