Dress Guide for The Carrot

Problem: broad shoulders and/or big breasts make you look bigger than you are. Highlight: your narrow hips, small peachy butt, long legs. The goal: create a balance between the bigger upper body and your slim well-made lower body.

The top has a deep V neckline (makes the breasts look smaller), wrap tops are good. The top is preferably patterned (fools the eye and makes the upper body look smaller). Pull up the shirt/blouse  a little over the stomach so that it lies in folds (to hide if there is smth to hide).

The coat/jacket is waisted and/or with belt to create the hourglass shape.

The dress has empire cut, fits tightly below the breasts and falls loosely over belly. Attention is placed on the most slender torso (under the breasts).

The skirt is wide at the bottom to create balance to the body.

The pants are tight to accentuate your fine ass.

The heels have a stable heel, but not clumsy.

Wrap tops, deep V neckline, even peplum (without or with V neckline is fine but without sleeves.

The shoes should not have a thinner heel than the ones on the left picture.

The dress, no matter length, needs to have a tight area right under the breasts. Remember that it’s better when the dress is wide after the tight area, to create balance and the hourglass shape

Tops with thin straps, they draw glances to the upper body. Large sweaters will make you look even bigger than you are. Boat-shaped necklines and double-breasted jackets (they give width to the upper body). Skinny belt will make you look larger. Fluttering thin clothing. You need clothes with structure so you don’t look big. Straight skirts make you wide and shapeless. Wide pants will make you look great everywhere. Small narrow stiletto heels will emphasize your big upper body. Buy a good bra! It will lift, shape and minimize.

Actresses with this body shape: Drew Barrymore, Audrina Partridge, Jessica Biel.




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