MTS Derma Skin Roller

What is it good for? Sharp needles on a roller penetrate the epidermis (outer layer, physical and chemical barrier) without breaking it. The small damages created in the epidermis and dermis leads to:

  • Better penetration of products applied after use
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • New skin regeneration process
  • Diminishes scars by cell renewal

How does it work? In the dermis, a micro damage is triggered and a healing process is activated, which consists of these 4 phases:

  • Hemostasis: the micro bleeding stops through coagulation etc.
  • Inflammation: starts after damage.
  • Proliferation: propagation and growth factors stimulate the formation of healthy tissue.
  • Tissue remodeling: Production of collagen. Although collagen synthesis takes 6 weeks and the final effects are seen after 6 months. The common response of patients after the first treatments is that the fine lines are disappearing. That is because the inflammation causes the skin to swell slightly and temporarily fill wrinkles and lines.

I use two skin rollers. One bigger for the butt and another for the face. Testing period 4 months from this week. Use once a week.

Watch out! I’ve been warned by a skin therapist NOT to buy any skin roller with longer needles than 0,5mm and more than 200 needles on one roller for the face. When it comes to the body skin roller (for cellulite treatment), it has to consist of 1,5-2mm long needles and max 100 needles in total on the roller.

 Läs mer om skinrollers på svenska här.


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