Clean Eating 7 day plan

Looking forward to next week following the detox plan. Will return with a review afterwards of course.

Some Basic rules:

Eat whole foods, means that you rather choose a banana and oats than a banana muffin. The foods need to be in it’s natural from as much as possible. Exclude products with added sugar, even unnatural sweetener. Keep the meals simple. Delicious, healthy food doesn’t have to contain a lot of ingredients. Make sure one meal does contain healthy fat, whole grains and lean protein. Eat slower, put down knife and fork between every bite. Eat a little bit every 4 hours, steady meal timing helps regulate digestive system, blood sugar and insulin levels and appetite.

7 Day Plan

Breakfast: Cook oats using organic soy milk. Top with a sliced apple, dried apricot or and figs and garnish with chopped nuts. More breakfast ideas click here and here.

Lunch: Toss baby spinach with balsamic vinegar and dried Italian herbs. Top with chilled red quinoa and cannellini beans  and sliced avocado.

Snack: Drizzle honey into a container of Greek yogurt, add sliced banana and garnish with almonds.

Dinner Ideas:

Chicken and tomatoes: Sauté onion, halved grape tomatoes and chopped green bell pepper in extra virgin olive oil until slightly tender. Add chicken breast or organic tofu to heat through. Serve over whole wheat penne.

Lentils and quinoa with mint and lemon: Sauté chopped red onion, minced garlic, celery, and red bell pepper in extra virgin olive oil until tender. Add lentils (vacuum sealed or canned, rinsed, and drained are both fine) to heat through. Serve over a small scoop of cooked quinoa and garnish with fresh mint and juice from a fresh lemon wedge.

Tuna Lettuce Wraps with Basil Pesto and Couscous: 
Fill large outer romaine lettuce leaves with a mixture of drained chunk light tuna canned in water tossed with basil pesto, minced sun-dried tomatoes and whole wheat couscous.

Mexican salad with corn, avocado, beans, and lime: 
Mix mashed avocado with minced onion, tomato, fresh lime juice, and cilantro. Toss with torn romaine to coat leaves. Top with thawed corn and black beans.

Salmon with pearmarinated salmon or fresh (oven baked) in coconut oil. Season with fresh grated ginger and scallions. Serve over a bed of mixed field greens and top with fresh pear slices.

Spaghetti squash with mushrooms, tomato and feta: 
Sauté chopped onions, minced garlic, sliced mushrooms, and a small, diced plum tomato in extra virgin olive oil. Reduce to low heat to keep warm. Slice a small spaghetti squash in half, remove seeds, place face down on oven plate, bake for 10 minutes in the the middle on 175 Celsius/350 Fahrenheit. Toss with sautéed veggies, and garnish with feta cheese.

Pineapple chicken with a twist: 
Stir fry sliced red and green bell peppers and a dash of crushed red pepper in sesame oil. Add diced, cooked chicken breast and pineapple chunks to heat through. Serve over a scoop of cooked wild rice.


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