Why Detox

Starting next week with 100% detox diet! Today just trying some recipes. Lately it’s been to much heavy food, gained 3kilos, so have to lose them of course. Here some info about why you should detox:

Losing Natural Detox Ability
Everyday, our body is bombarded by toxins and chemicals from our surrounding environment.  Chemicals, pesticides, hormones and other pollutants are found in all the processed foods we eat, leading to illness, depression and obesity.

Under natural circumstances, the body, with the proper nutrition and well working organs (skin, bowels, liver and lungs), is able to clean out these toxins through sweat, digestion and urine.

Unbalanced Diet Leads to Illness

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a natural world.  People today are taking in more toxins than it can safely eliminate resulting in a chronic state of toxicity. Illnesses like obesity, diabetes and depression can be attributed to the lack of nutrition and overdose of toxins in the body.  Under these conditions, the body loses its natural ability to detoxify.  

Give your body a break

The goal is to neutralize the toxins and restore your body’s natural ability to eliminate waste and toxins.  It’s like a reset button for your body.  You can restore its ability to naturally handle detoxification.  Following a safe detox diet has a beneficial effect on all systems of the body, cardiovascular, muscular, nervous, reproductive, immune and mental.

Are you having digestive problems, aching joints, sore muscles, headaches or migraines, bad skin condition, bad mood or insomnia? Are you feeling stressed, often tired and depressed, then detox can solve your problems.


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