Yoga flex & strength

I’ve been doing yoga for 3 years now and I’ve would never have thought that my body could get so strong and balanced as it is today. The back pain is gone, I can carry more books to school without getting exhausted and there are of course more valuable changes that has made my life so much easier.

Yoga can not only improve your physical health but also give you greater inner strength. Found this article at YogaJournal about the benefits of yoga and I must say I agree on every point. You will feel the first improvements already after the first month of yoga every day!

Yoga Perfects the posture, Protects the spine, Increases self-esteem, Eases your pain Increases your self-esteem, Prevents IBS and other digestive problems, Increases blood flow, Drains the lymphs and boosts immunity, Gives  inner strength, Makes you happier, Lowers blood sugar, Helps you focus, Helps you sleep deeper, Maintains the nervous system, Keeps allergies and viruses at bay, Benefits your relationship, Gives you peace of mind and more.




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