Paleo the new-old diet

Paleo comes from Paleolithic era/Older stone age. In our time it’s basically a lifestyle and an attitude to food and health, based on the quality of the food you eat.

Millions of years ago, humans lived differently and our genes have been developed and adapted from the food we had access to then. The cause for diseases today is that our genes are not adapted to the food that is produced and offered in most stores.
The modern paleo diet consists of root vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and good fats. The focus lays on copying the diet people followed during the stone age  before the industrial revolution (excluding everything that came up 5000-10 000 years ago) and when processed foods, cereals, dairy products , sugars and vegetable oils became standard.
Scientific research has shown that people had smoother and higher energy levels, lower body fat, better recovery. People with diseases felt improvements in their symptoms. Stomach problems, skin problems and deficiencies decreased. People have testified how their lives changed when they started to follow this diet and that it was one of their life’s best investment in health and wellness.
The diet doesn’t look so bad, definitely worth trying until Christmas and see what happens.



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