Sthlm guide 

By following the route map, you’ll start at Hallwyska Museum.

1. It has free entrance and is one of Stockholm’s most eccentric and engaging museums. This palatial residence was built and completed in 1898.

2. Dramaten is The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Sweden’s National Theatre. The theatre has an assignment from the government to perform classical Swedish and international theatre. The great art noveau-building houses five stages and is worth entering and look inside or even book a ticket to a show.

3. Walk through the beautiful garden Kungsträdgården before passing the bridge Strömbron to get to the Royal Palace.

4. You can get a ticket for 16 euros and you’ll get access to all the museums linked to the Royal Palace. The Tre kronor museum, Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, the Royal Apartments, the Treasury and the Royal Chapel, The Royal Armoury.

5. Get to the old town and the famous street Västerlånggatan, here you can find swedish crafts, tourist stuff and swedish handmade art.

6. Continue on Riksgatan and Riksbron back to the city through Drottninggatan.

7. Stop at the square Hötorget by the Stockholm Concert Hall.

8. Go through the street Kungsgatan until you reach the square Stureplan (The mushroom)

9. Turn right through the street Biblioteksgatan, here you’ll see Stockholm’s exclusive shops,until you reach the square Norrmalmstorg.

10. And your back where you started, you’ll have the coast on your left hand side.




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