How to avoid the worst most common sickness 

Not many people know about diabetes, what it is or how you get it. Maybe because only a small amount of people get it when they get older. Never the less, its quite interesting to know some facts about it, since there’s been an increase of diabetes cases even among the young population.
What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Carbohydrates are converted into glucose and absorbed into the bloodstream. Any rise in blood sugar signals the pancreas to release insulin. This hormone instructs cells to sponge up glucose. Without it, glucose floats around the bloodstream, unable to slip inside the cells that need it.

As I’ve written before, for most of our energy, our cells depend on glucose.

Diabetes is when the body can’t make enough insulin or can’t properly use the insulin it makes. The consequences if you dont prevent/ treat your diabetes:

Cholesterol and blood pressure rises, vision fades, kidneys fails, nerves frays, doubles the risk of heart attack and you’ll live 13 years shorter. (Source)

“Western” diet with lack of physical activity and excess weight, increases the risk of type 2 diabetes dramatically (9). (Health Professionals Follow-up Study)

Steps to Lower Your Risk

Control Your Weight

Get Moving—and Turn Off the Television

Tune Up Your Diet

If You Smoke, Quit


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  1. I have heard that amputations are high with people with diabetes also. It’s a rather scary disease.

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