Yoga for healthiness

How can yoga improve health? My instructors were kind to explain how yoga, if practiced consistently, improves quality of life.

Creates Strength and Flexibility

The practice of yoga incorporates a balance between strength and flexibility exercises. Practice will typically move equally between strengthening poses sequenced simultaneously with stretching poses. It will both lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the body creating a perfect combination.

Positively Affects Mental Health

Yoga and meditation are recommended by mental health professionals to help patients suffering from anxiety or depression. The practice of yoga draws awareness to the body, the breath, and the mind teaching its yogis to reflect before reacting, which can increase self-esteem and self-awareness. It also encourages mindfulness and presence, which makes you feel happier.

Increases Blood Flow

Poses such as twists wring out stale blood from internal organs and revitalize them with fresh blood as the twists are released. Inversions stimulate blood flow by moving the venous blood from the lower extremities to be recirculated through the heart. The increase in blood flow promotes cell growth and organ function and maintains a low heart rate and steady blood pressure.

Slows the Breath

In traditional physical practice of yoga, the breath work is important. Practitioners breath slowly and fully to guide the body through each movement, which increases lung capacity.

Boosts Immune System and Self-Care

Scientific studies are backing the practice of yoga to maintain a healthy and functioning immune system. The four main physiological systems linked to immunity are the circulatory system, the digestive system, the nervous system and the endocrine system. Yoga brings calmness and helps to lower stress hormones and improves lung capacity to improve oxygen flow within the body. Many yoga postures stimulate the digestive functions and the lymphatic system to help remove toxins. It optimizes the function of the internal organs by supplying freshly oxygenated blood.
The practice of yoga has lots of health benefits that affect the physical and the mental body. It is a great way to keep the body fit and the mind aware and present.


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