Skin care habits

First of all, having great skin is about care routines, natural products and patience. Always adapt your products for your skin type.

* If you have oily skin, use a detergent based on water, absolutely no oil! You do not want your skin to be more glossy.

* If you have dry skin, use a cleansing oil, for example, buckthorn oil (goes into skin fast) as a base.

* Sensitive skin needs extra care. Use products with lavender or rose oil. These products have a calming effect.

* If you have very red skin, blend in a fem drops  Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is also great if you have acne.

* Speaking of acne, there is much you can do. Acne is mostly rooted in hormones and genes, but also stress and diet. The diet is incredibly important to get beautiful skin. If you have problems with acne and blemished skin, I recommend using products with salicylic acid or benzylperoxid.

Both have a drying effect so it is very important that you also use a moisturizing lotion. Without oil, really important! If you dry out your skin, it will only produce more sebum (skin oil, it makes you look glossy) to compensate. Therefore, it is incredibly important to have balance in your skin. Sebum clogs the pores which gives you pimples. Cleaning is super important!


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