Nea plagia halkidiki

Nea plagia (first leg)

Shopping: The famous market that is located along the alley of palms after the long Pastazi beach bar. Opens at 18.00 and closes 23:00, here you can find natural snacks, vegetables, greek handmade art, homemade skincare products, honey and more.

Don’t forget to visit all the pastry shops, there is so much to see when it comes to food and deserts.

What to do: You can borrow Yet skis, bicycle boats, try water tubes, windsurfing. Besides the lovely beaches that you can explore, you should definitely go out at night. That’s when the village wakes up, the streets are filled with people and more than 20 beach clubs are open.

Where to eat: The main street is filled with different restaurants, you can find everything that a big city has to offer. I recommend all the seafood restaurants since the food is local, fresh and tastes better than the food at the meat restaurants.

Where to stay: Hotel Mavridis, best hotel in the village. It’s right in front of the beach.

Hotel MariaLena, it’s clean and the service is good. Cheaper than Mavridis.

Remember to bring a translator/vocabulary, most people don’t speak english. This place is mostly where the greeks go. Also bring lots of cash, the nearest ATM is located in 30 minutes walking dintance. The prices are low due to the economical melt down a couple of years ago. The country is getting back on its feet and the only thing we can do is spending money  and get lots of pleasure in return 🙂


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