Athens guide

First thing to do at the Athens airport is to get a map of Athen at the tourist info desk. Taxi is the best way to get to the city, since the metro doesn’t go so often (every 30minutes) and the bus has no AC.

Where to stay:

If you want to go all in you should definetly stay at the Hotel Grande Bretagne near Syntagma (metro station). They have an amazing pool inside and the service is great.

If you want to be in the middle of everything, Plaka (old town) is a wonderful place to stay at. Or you can stay in a hotel in (Greeks luxurious shopping area) Kolonaki, it’s  quiet and safe here at night.

Athens has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. You have the Hondos Center all over the city. It has all the usual shops like tommy hilfiger, calvin klein, ralph lauren and more. On the tourist map you will see where they are located around the town.

If you want to shop where the most greek people shop, you’ll have to visit the official Flea Market at Monostiraki (metro station). Here you can find anything, the prices are of course much lower here.

Plaka is the tourists favorite shopping place, you can find all kinds of touristy stuff here and much is handcrafted.

What is worth buying:

Leather Sandals and leather goods. Look after greek labels like MED swimwear, Doca Accessories, Attika greek department stores.

Where to eat:

To be honest, most of the restaurants are not good, the meat (souvlaki for example) is just too much. It’s oily and greasy and its common to get fried pommes with every dish you order. This is what greeks love to eat. So choose carefully. There are some places that serve amazing greek food with fish and lots of vegetables.

If you’re at Monostiraki, check out Mikro Cafe. At Dinner they have decent portions and everything is made from scratch so no fast food here.

If you’re in Plaka, dont miss the Agora Square, there you can find this great lunch place Yaria. They have a big dish on their menu that has small portions of greeks most famous national foods. Really recommend this place.

If your planning to spend a day at Akropolis, try the breakfast at Crescendo, they serve delicious small pies.

What to do in Athens, coming up soon


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