Thessaloniki Coast Line Route Plan

Aristotelous Square is one of the most famous places in all of Greece and almost synonymous with the city of Thessaloniki itself. Here you can eat breakfast at one of the many cafes. The street that crosses the square has lots of shops. Take a walk along the street, you will definitely find something. When you feel done, go out to the coast line that you will have on your right hand side.


Visit The White Tower of Thessaloniki Museum.  The Tower is a symbol of Greek sovereignty over Macedonia.  The building is a cylindrical drum 23m (75ft) in diameter with a height of 39m (118ft).
Visit the parks and gardens along the coast, it has several beautiful fountains, amazing flower decorations, dams filled with turtles and small gold fishes. Alexander Garden, ChanthPark (open-air theater and some monuments), Anthokomiki Park, Garden of Sand, Garden of Shadow, Season’s Garden, Fokas Garden, Mediterranean’s Garden.
If you are lazy you can borrow a bicycle for one or two along the coast and return it at the end of the route.
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End the route with The Umbrella Sculpture, near the Makedonia Palace Hotel. The umbrellas are reflecting the sky and the sea colors and at night they are illuminated. The sculpture was set in 1997 when Thessaloniki was nominated as the cultural capital of Europe.

See the route map here.



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