Realized today when trying a bikini, that I have cellulite on my butt! it’s not that much but still, had to call a friend who is a skin care therapists and ask her if there is something she can do. It got clear that there is a lot of things Yoa can do to reduce and prevent, at home without any medi-spa treatments.
So what is cellulite and what can you do about it? Cellulite contains water, fat and waste and are lumped in tissue (jelly) on particular areas of the body.

Why? Bad circulation, unhealthy lifestyle and diet, smoking and hormonal disorders are main causes. Most women get cellulite already in puberty and when they start using birth control pills. The older you get the more the skin looses its resiliency and cellulite occur. The main reason is wrong diet and lack of exercise.
How to prevent/reduce? Best way is to exercise and eat healthy. The more you use your muscles the firmer the tissue of the skin becomes and more fat is burned. It is enough to take the stairs instead of the elevator, half an hour’s walk/biking to the store and make some squats at work when no one is watching. Training several times during a week reduces cellulite better than a strenuous work-out once a week. Think about what you eat, too much bad fat, salt and sugar makes it worse.

Eat foods that contribute fast metabolism (no empty calories) and drink fluid (preferably water with fresh lemon juice) in order to contribute slag removal. Reduce/stop smoking, because ruins the resilience in the skin. Massage, brush and peel yourself in the shower to create better circulation. This is not a miracle routine that works overnight. To succeed, you need to do something every day, fighting the causes from as many angles as possible.




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