Summer Beauty Guide 30 days

ekologisk-ricinoljaThis past month I’ve been experimenting on myself, like I always do. This treatment has given astonishing results, my hair feels thicker, my feet are smooth, my skin is brighter, and I feel so much better, just in time for the summer and all the things I’ve planned. Things I’ve done and why, in the list above:

Internal organs: A teaspoon of flax seed every morning. Drink hot water (boiled water, with lemon juice). Eat breakfast after half an hour. The seeds clear the waste products and your skin will become more smooth and fresh. Besides this, the seeds strengthens both hair and nails.

Healthy inside: Eat boiled beetroot every day. Beetroot is blood cleansing. Healthy blood in the body is an important condition for a beautiful inside.

Face: Every day before bedtime, give your face a gentle massage with facial brush until the skin becomes slightly red, the cells will be more receptive to nutrients. Use an oil mixture containing amaranth oil. The oil contains squalene and is a component that is already in our skin and has the task to prevent wrinkles, smooth out scars, burns, stretch marks and make the skin more alive. Recipe for anti-aging oil with amaranth.

Hair and nails: Eat 50 grams of nuts every day. The hair and nails will get visibly better after 2 weeks. Every third day, do a hair mask (20 minutes) of dry mustard powder mixed with vegetable oil (for ex. castor oil). Thicker and stronger hair visible after 30 days.

Feet: Before bedtime and after bath, rub your feet with any vegetable oil mixed with a few drops of peppermint oil. Sleep with socks on. After 30 days your feet will be in perfect shape.

Eyelashes: Take an empty and clean mascara tube, add wheat germ oil. Brush your lashes before bedtime. In a month, you’ll have thicker, longer, and stronger lashes.

Skin: Mix 0,5dl/cup sea salt/usual salt and 0,5dl/cup fat sour cream/smetana. Rub the mixture on the body with a mitten. The salt removes all the dead skin and disinfects. If you have blemishes they will disappear. Sour cream softens and nourishes the skin cells.


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  1. Interesting blog!!! Looking forward to reading more

  2. Jennicocoa says:

    Love love love this!!! So many great tips thank you! Would love a follow back aswell!

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