Avoid or reduce wrinkles


Only 60% is about genetics (Archives of Dermathology). The rest depends on what you do and eat. Smoking, overweight and tanning are the biggest reasons for development of wrinkles. The study shows that the genetic signs of aging shows with fine lines and wrinkles, while UV light causes hyper pigmentation and coarse wrinkles.

Creams have an effect on skin structure and on the skin’s cells and layers in the long term. You need 2 liters of fluid (water and food) per day, more in the summer. Choose red tea instead of other types because it contains more antioxidants. The study shows also that alcohol is not the reason for skin aging, so you can drink your wine in peace. Being careful with alcohol is important for other reasons, info on that coming up.

Dont smoke! Use always sun protection, even in spring and autumn. Wear a hat or a cap all the time in the summer. Start using natural products now before its too late. And most important of all, eat healthy, look at it as an investment, you’ll look better and live longer!



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