Indra Devi Forever healthy forever young

Indra Devi had practiced yoga her entire life and she introduced yoga practice in Europe, Soviet Union and America.

Indra/Eugene V. Labunskaya Peterson was born in 1899 in Riga. During the Civil War, Eugene and her family emigrated to Germany. She became fascinated by the Indian culture and went to India, where she met the famous guru Sri Krishnamacharya and began to study yoga. She traveled around the world. Among her students were Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Gloria Swanson and other Hollywood actors of the 1940s, Indian philosophers and leaders of the Soviet party. In 1990, she once again moved to USSR Russia and died at 102 years.

About hunger amidst abundance

“We all know that food is necessary to maintain the body healthy, young and strong. Isn’t it ironic that USA, one of the richest countries in the world, suffers from malnutrition, starvation in the midst of abundance?”

Leading scientists and nutritionists believe that the main reasons for this is overeating. The body only breaks down the food that can be broken down into their constituent parts and assimilated. If a product doesn’t meet these conditions, it becomes poison.

“The food that people eat nowadays, is too lifeless and unnatural. As a result, the overall picture of the state of our health is looking sadder and sadder.”

About our inaction and ignorance

“We sometimes hear that someone our friends suddenly fell ill with diabetes, asthma,  or someone got diagnosed with cancer, polio, arthritis, etc. And these people were considered perfectly healthy. We rarely think about what would happen to us – not an accident, but a natural and inevitable result of poisoning toxins accumulated in tour body due to wrong diet and lifestyle.

“These bad news usually frighten us. But what actions are we taking? The consequences of malnutrition is not immediately perceived as a disease. Perhaps that is why we rarely associate our progressive disease with food we’re eating. How many knowledgeable, well-educated people understand that colds, fever, asthma, arthritis, polio, heart disease and mental disorders can be caused by poisoning/toxins? Very few. Even fewer would limit themselves in eating and taking a cleansing diet for the recovery of the body’s organs.”

Now this is something worth thinking about. Is that good-smelling cheeseburger really worth poisoning your body with?







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