Forever healthy part 3/3

  1. Avoid fried and fatty foods, because it is digested even more slow. The fat leaves the stomach last, carbohydrates – first and proteins after.
  1. All animal fats such as lard, margarine, eggs, butter and dairy products, increase cholesterol level in blood and can be considered unnecessary for our body.
  1. Most of all cholesterol can be found in liver and egg yolk and least in milk, cottage cheese and fish.
  1. Any food rich in animal fat is dangerous. A high percentage of fat and a low percentage of protein interferes with the action of enzymes.
  1. Remember that in matters of nutrition and health its not only about calories and fat, but also the composition of the fat. For example, bacon (smoked pork belly) does contain calories but no vitamins or minerals.
  1. When heating food containing any fats (including oils) several times, we make it more and more inedible. The same effect we get when re-using fat left in the pan or heating already fried food.
  1. The most important rule, however, has noting to do with the quantity and quality of food, nor the method for its preparation. The most important thing – is your attitude to the food at the time of the meal.
  1. Eat your meal in a calm way, it’s very important that it brings pleasure and is done in a friendly and pleasant environment.
  1. Food that is eaten in a state of stress, anger or bad mood, causes toxic changes in the body. Therefore, in this state, it is better not to sit down at the table.
  1. Try to avoid unpleasant conversations at mealtimes. Beautifully decorated table makes the meal more enjoyable, as well as a smile, a cheerful conversation, a beautiful flower or a pattern. Bless your food and let it bring you joy. Bad news should never be spoken of at the table. It may harm not only digestion, but also your whole body.

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