Forever healthy part 2/3

11. Our body doesn’t nourish from all the food we eat, but only the food  which it can assimilate.

12. Carefully choose the food that is most suitable, like you choose a dress, a hat or a tie. At first you need to experiment: try different foods and different combinations to choose the diet that best suits your body.


13. Avoid “lifeless” food: canned food, polished rice, white flour, refined sugar. Eat brown rice, whole grain flour, brown sugar or honey. Do not get carried away with sweets, pastries, and vinegar.

14. Properly chew food, especially the food that is rich in starch, so it gets mixed with saliva. Otherwise the carbs settles in the stomach and will decompose there for several hours.

15.Toasted or stale bread is better that fresh bread. But don’t eat bread while drinking liquid. Let your teeth do the work and the saliva process starch into glucose. If you need to drink, do it first and eat after.

16. Do not eat carbs more than one time/day. For example, if you ate a portion of rice, give up bread, potatoes, pasta, pudding, etc.

17. If you are worried about getting peristalsis, don’t eat carbs together with protein, especially with sulfur-containing products, such as peas, cabbage, cauliflower, eggs, turnips, etc.
18. If you have cooked vegetables, don’t throw the water away.  You can drink it or use it for soup or gravy.

19. Do not throw away the tops of carrots, beets, radishes, parsnips; tie them in a bundle and put it in the soup (beet tops should first be scalded with boiling water). Once the soup is ready, throw away  the bundle.

20. Vegetables should be cooked in a small amount of water on low heat.


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