Forever healthy part 1/3

Indra Devi became a bestseller in the United States. The American press called her “First Lady of Yoga”. In her book “Yoga for You” Indra Devi describes the principles of nutrition, that she followed herself and recommended to her students.

“Every one benefits from a natural and balanced diet, a wrong lifestyle  destroys slowly but certainly every ones health.”

Therefore, if you want to preserve good health through your life, follow these 29 easy steps.

1. Never drink water with ice, especially while eating, because it  ruins the natural circulation of the gastric juices and disturbs the digestion. If you need to drink, do it 2-3 hours before or after a meal.

2. Drink one glass of water of room temperature with lemon juice in the morning and before bedtime.  Tea with herbs and lemon in the summer is refreshing.

3,4. Drink 5-8 glasses of water/day. Water scarcity is often caused by constipation and blockage of the rectum, liver and kidney dysfunction, as well as obstruction of the intestines.

5. Drink with small sips.

6. To “revive” boiled lifeless water, pour water from one container to another several times. This  provides a light and refreshing stimulating effect.

7. Its healthier to eat fresh fruits and vegetables than juices.

8. If you make vegetable juices, add some green foliage.

9. Alcohol, tea, coffee, cacao and chocolate is not recommended, because caffeine and bromine is considered to be doping (stimulation).

10. Milk is not liquid, it’s food. You must drink it with small sips otherwise the stomach can become sad.


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