Indra Devi about nutrition

About Indras and her students diet

“In our house on the pantry shelf, you will never see anything canned, sealed, bleached, refined or similarly treated. Flour from whole grain substitutes white flour; Brown (raw) rice subs white polished rice; Honey replaces white sugar on the table, even the raw sugar we try to avoid. Even cocoa and chocolate we eat very little.

Personally, I’m indifferent to desserts. I usually drink coffee beverages with raw goat’s milk, or herbal tea, buttermilk, fresh vegetable or fruit juices and lots of fresh water with lemon.

Instead of vinegar we use lemon juice. We eat all kinds of seasonal vegetables combined with fresh and dried herbs, onions and garlic. I have seen unbelievable transformation and recovery on myself and others, who started to practice yoga and changed their diet to more natural food.”



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